Volunteer in Work-Camps

WePlant Work Camps


Work Camps are events organised by WePlant to plant Fruit Trees in identified locations.

Fruit Trees are planted by volunteers with the active participation of children and youth from the community/village where those saplings are planted. Your participation as a Volunteer is very important for us.

WePlant Work Camp gives volunteers an opportunity to work with spade and mud. Planting fruit tree saplings in the heart of Mother Earth is an act of Worship in itself. Come enroll your name today.

You can also organize Work Camp in your village/ Location / any area of interest and WePlant will partner with you and guide and support your initiative.


Register your name today as WePlant Volunteer for a once in a lifetime experience!


Each Donation of Rs.500 (INR) helps us plant 5 fruit saplings (2-3 ft tall) at a location, which will be nurtured by a volunteer till maturity which is approximately 3 – 5 years. As soon as they are planted at a location they will start helping to balance the ecosystem and post their maturity they will then provide an unlimited supply of fruits and realize our dream to feed the needy…