Save the Seeds

Every seed is a tree waiting to grow

Mother trees have millions of dreams. Dreams about every seed that they all will grow and become a large tree one day. But majority of the seeds are disposed as waste after fruits are consumed.

WePlant is saving every seed possible to be planted in remote villages. Every seed is a large tree waiting. Seeds are natural oxygen bombs; it slowly but steadily blasts and grows and start emitting life-giving oxygen. Trees are natural oxygen production units with no production or running cost.

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Each Donation of Rs.500 (INR) helps us plant 5 fruit saplings (2-3 ft tall) at a location, which will be nurtured by a volunteer till maturity which is approximately 3 – 5 years. As soon as they are planted at a location they will start helping to balance the ecosystem and post their maturity they will then provide an unlimited supply of fruits and realize our dream to feed the needy…



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