How You Can Involve

Your Time! Make it Memorable!

01 Volunteer with us in Work Camps and enjoy the experience of planting fruit trees in public places in rural India.

02 Spend time at the Nishkamakarma Ashram and plant seeds and saplings in clay pot.

03 Volunteer to visit locations where fruit trees are already planted and monitor and document its growth

04 Enroll as seed savers and identify 5 to 10 trees whose seeds you will save during the forthcoming season.

Your Talent! Make it Useful!

01 Share the Action idea with your friends and family and spread the good news of eradication of malnutrition and starvation death

02 Identify new locations and work on getting permission from the local panchayat authorities, municipal council, Gram pradhan to plant fruit trees in public places

03 Send request and proposal on behalf of WePlant to companies who look for innovative and cost effective yet result oriented projects

04 Campaign to enroll more WePlant volunteers in new districts and states.

Your Treasure! Invest it meaningful!

01 Invest your money wisely in rural India to change millions of children fighting malnutrition

02 Celebrate your Birthday by planting fruit trees in public places

03 Plant fruit trees in memory of your beloved ones

04 Help us create strong system to successfully expand the WePlant movement globally.