OurPlant Impact

WePlant is a simple idea of collecting as many seeds as possible and planting fruit trees in public places

    1. WePlant idea is changing the geography of the world​ by increasing green cover area.​


  1. WePlant is changing the colour of google earch​ from greay to green​
  2. WePlant is reviving Rivers that are in the verge of death​​
  3. WePlant is cooling the mountains with trees planted on them
  4. WePlant provides fruits and shade to animals and birds
  5. WePlant fights drought and famine
  6. WePlant’s primary partners are fruit trees in public places, whose fruits are available and accessible for​ vulnerable​ children,​ anaemic​ women and men.
  7. WePlant idea is going to end Malnutrition and Starvation Death
  8. WePlant idea is positively affecting Global Warming
  9. WePlant idea is enhancing biodiversity​, ​sustaining honey bee lives​ and thus increasing food production​


Each Donation of Rs.500 (INR) helps us plant 5 fruit saplings (2-3 ft tall) at a location, which will be nurtured by a volunteer till maturity which is approximately 3 – 5 years. As soon as they are planted at a location they will start helping to balance the ecosystem and post their maturity they will then provide an unlimited supply of fruits and realize our dream to feed the needy…



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